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The Natural Products Foundation is organized exclusively to stimulate and support research, education and knowledge regarding dietary supplements, nutritional foods, and related products, with the overall objective of advancing the knowledge of the public, and thereby, improving the public health.

The Natural Products Foundation is chartered as a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) Corporation. Depending on the status of the donor (i.e., individual or corporation) all or part of contributions to the foundation are tax-deductible.

Our Mission
The mission of the Natural Products Foundation is to promote and facilitate research and education related to natural products for the benefit of consumers and industry.

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What are natural products?
Natural products are represented by a wide array of consumer goods that continue to grow in popularity each year. These products include natural and organic foods, dietary supplements, pet foods, health and beauty products, "green" cleaning supplies and more. Generally, natural products are considered those formulated without artificial ingredients and that are minimally processed.

How are natural products regulated?
The U.S. Department of Agriculture sets standards for use of the term "natural" for meat and poultry. The agency also regulates use of the term "organic" under the Organic Foods Production Act. While the FDA does not have a formal definition for the term natural, the agency has not objected to its use on food labels provided they are truthful and not misleading.

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